One Step Back is a decision based room exploration game. Alex is stuck in a time loop, forced to enter the same room over and over again. The catch? The room changes ever time he enters it.

Each room has different decisions, puzzles, and hidden secrets to discover.

Inspired by The Stanley Parable, each room contains narration from 'the voice'. Will you follow his instructions, or rebel and discover your own path?

Developed by Bradley Sandford (Holofire) and George Smith (Mr Dinosaur) in 72 hours.

Dev Note: This game is unfinished but is being submitted as we plan on continuing development and shipping a full game after the holiday period. We are looking for any feedback regarding the general gameplay mechanics.

Even if you play this game for 30 seconds and comment 'this game is poopy', we still appreciate you trying it anyway :D


Link to Artist Timelapse

Link to Ludum Dare entry page.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Dec 13, 2016
AuthorsHolofire, MrDinosaur
Made withUnity
TagsIsometric, Ludum Dare 37, puzzler, Top-Down, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

This game runs on the Unity engine. If you have problems running games that use the Unity engine, it might not work.


Windows [.exe] 15 MB
Mac [.app] 18 MB
Linux [.x86] 19 MB
Download 10 MB


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Hey, I got to play OSB and made a video. No, this game is not poopy. It's cute and I'd like to see how you expand it. I wonder how many rooms you can make. :)

Good work! How long full version could last?

One more question - how to contact you by email?

Hey, thanks for playing. We are not sure how long the full version will be, development is currently on pause during the holiday period. If you want to contact me by email, my address is

Pumped to try it and have it queued up to go. Just in case it's helpful to see someone play it from the beginning, I'll save it for this week's show.

Sounds good. Might push one more update before then, last few bug fixes and tweaks :D